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       " The Question is not whether we will die,
          but how we will LIVE" -J. Borysenko

      " You all have a dream before your dream can come true!!"

       "Learn. Think and you will succeed!"   -   KING VICK




Vision India is A Vision For Life. WE believe that life is beautiful.

Life should not and cannot be wasted in poverty, disease and unemployment. Every person, be it man, woman or child has the same right to a good Education and life as me and you. This is our AIM....!

                                                               Help us succeed...!!!

Our passion for life made us come together and want to do a bit more to help change the lives of some of the poor and educate the population of India, people who would otherwise have no one to turn to..!!!!!

We do not claim to be able to eradicate poverty, this would be unrealistic. But we do believe that at the same time a lot can be done to bring prosperity, health and dignity to the lives of many.....

And so our work goes on......