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Registered Charity Number: 1116412

YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

Vision India is a British Charitable Organisation with a branch office in India. We are dedicated to working for and with the poor communities both rural and urban, aiming to create permanent solutions to poverty, disease and unemployment.
Vision India has been started by Indians residing in UK in joint effort with our members living in India.

Living in a part of the western world has brought us the understanding that facilities that we often take for granted like food, clothing, education, medicine, shelter, sanitation etc... can be a luxury to many living in the poorest parts of India. Just accepting this reality was not enough, we felt the need to do more about it, hence Vision India took shape...


  • We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of society - the poor and marginalised who live on a basis of daily survival, who do not have any future to live for. We work towards creating that FUTURE
  • We aim to provide self sufficiency  which will be a long term solution, rather than basic just necessities. Only EDUCATION can be a begining to such self sufficiency
  • We try to build on local experience and knowledge, considering that to be our largest and most valuable resource. We work in partnership and affilliation with local communities and organisations
  • The change we wish to see will happen surely.....

Our Vision
A society in which everyone has the ability and education to build for themselves and their family, a future free from poverty.

Our Trustees

  • Mrs. Punita Chandra
  • Mr. Sunil Trehun
  • Mr. Krishan Ralleigh.. Chief Editor:- India Link International magazine..